F4 Fitness Fusion Class Schedule

Get your heart pumping on our Star Trac red spin bikes!  All bikes include easy-to-read consoles displaying cadence (RPM), heart rate, and time for various guided drills including HIIT, Tabata style, and hills. Pedals are SPD-compatible. Why just do an hour of spinning® when you can integrate cycle drills into a Fitness Fusion class. This class combines a little of everything in the SAME WORKOUT - all within 1 hour!  The following modalities are hit upon:  indoor cycling, TRX® SuspensionTraining®, free-weight training , and ball or BOSU® exercises.  You get the most bang for your buck!

Reservations are encouraged for all classes. Please log into your participant account to the right.

Small Group Class Schedule 

Sunday  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
Come in from the heat!

F4 Fitness Fusion 

 9:30 am


Metabolic Conditioning Circuit 
 (No Spin Bikes)
every other Wednesday @ 2 pm beginning September 14th.


 F4 Fitness Fusion  
9:30 am

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