"There once was a trainer named Abby who refused to allow her clients to become flabby.  She stood with her whip at the door smiling as she said "this is what you pay me for, let's get to work and stop being gabby, blabby, and crabby." Troy, Sandy Springs, GA

"I have been working out for most of my adult life with activities including running (several marathons), swimming, step aerobics, body sculpting, spinning, TRX, to name a few. I am finding that this new class, fitness fusion, gives me a fantastic workout, hitting all the bases, in an hour!  My heart rate stays elevated throughout and I have head to toe muscle awareness when finished. As an added bonus, I do it with friends and it's fun! Thanks, Abby!"  Kathy, Brookhaven, GA

"I am the perfect amount of sore today.  I love it!!"  Ginger, Sandy Springs, GA

"As a triathlete, I need the core, strength and endurance work Abby’s metabolic conditioning class provides. I also need these exercises, especially the balance ones, for every day life. Her class covers it all."  Leslie, Sandy Springs, GA

"In the past I tended to only target my “problem” areas when I would “make time” to work out.  The classes that I take with Abby use different exercise techniques to work my entire body and I can tell a difference both in how I look and in how I feel.  They classes challenge me in my quest for better health and I enjoy our sessions.  I even do pushups now!"  Jennifer, Sandy Springs, GA

"I had some injuries last year, surgery and then therapy. I am so glad to have found Abby to get back into working out and exercising correctly!  The fitness fusion classes are the best.  The combination of the workout gets your heart rate up, works your core, great combo with weights, TRX and balance exercises - great class to have everything rolled into one workout."  Anne, Sandy Springs, GA

"Abby is such a great motivator. She keeps your mind occupied with conversation so you don't even realize how hard you are working out."  Tracey, Brookhaven, GA

"The F4 class is my favorite.  Starting out with cycling gets your heart rate soaring and it stays up during the entire hour as you work out all your muscles in challenging and unique intervals.  You never get bored. It’s an ideal workout. You work really hard and have fun at the same time." Melanie, Brookhaven, GA

"Having not exercised in a several years I was nervous about starting again in a “structured” class but my fears vanished once Abby took the time to teach me and encourage me. She recognizes my strengths and weaknesses and works with me so that I can reach my goals." Renie, Sandy Springs, GA

"TRX has become an important part of my life. The classes provide an excellent work out that keep me fit and toned. I started the class thinking I was in great shape but quickly learned that my core, upper and lower body still had a lot of work to do. I see results and improvement with every class. Another perk is the sense of community and friendship that I have gained. I love this program!" Kerry, Atlanta, GA

"TRX has been a great compliment to my other activities.  I am an active golfer and also enjoy rockclimbing, running, and yoga.  TRX is a great combination of whole body exercises that engages and strengthens the core, tones and strengthens your muscles, and improves your overall flexibility.  These attributes of the program have certainly made me a better athlete. The workouts are as challenging as you want them to be.  To put it in perspective, I've been through the Beachbody P90X program in 90 days.  My workouts with TRX are every bit as challenging.  These TRX workouts will absolutely improve your balance and strengthen your core.  TRX has been a great way for me to maintain gains I've received from other intense training programs. Its a great addition to your training arsenal." Chris, Sandy Springs, GA

"When I began to train with Abby Schonier, I was a 62 year old woman with significant balance and core weakness issues. Working with the TRX, I developed leg, core, upper body, and arm strength, as well as improved fitness.  I particularly like to do with squats with the TRX.  Using the straps for balance, I am able to squat to the floor and stand using my own leg strength.  Not only do I feel successful, I feel empowered." Fran, Sandy Springs, GA

"I have found that TRX is by far the most efficient method  of working all the muscle groups.  It's amazing that in just one hour I get a total body workout and with the added benefit of fully engaging and therefore strengthening my core in every exercise! There is nothing else like it."  Melanie, Dunwoody, GA

 " I think it really helped me maintain speed in a 5k race. My core was so much stronger that it carried me through and my legs stayed strong. I finished 3rd over all woman for the first time!  I think it has helped my back to stay injury free b/c my core is stronger along with my upper body strength has improved a lot!"  Laura, Marietta, GA

"Because of the intensity of TRX my hip injury has approved termendously.  TRX is such an awesome whole body core driven class." Melanie, Sandy Springs, GA

"After doing TRX I definitely feel like I have improved my strength, balance and posture.  I love that my TRX class is an efficient workout that challenges all of my muscle groups  as well as improves my balance. I can even see the benefits when I play tennis. I feel I have stronger strokes and can move and recover much more quickly.  I can't imagine a life without TRX!!"  Lori, Sandy Springs, GA

"I love a TRX workout!  TRX has helped me reach a higher level of fitness.  I have always loved being active, but this workout has help tone my trouble areas and has enhanced my abilities with other current adventures, such as rock climbing and home renovation.  Because TRX has improved my overall strength and fitness, I have been able to easily scrap texture off the ceilings in six rooms and continue on with our renovation work with no soreness." Ginger, Sandy Springs, GA

"Before I trained with Abby, I had lost a good deal of weight.  But I needed help getting to the next level. What impressed me from the very beginning was that Abby consulted first.  She determined what my goals were and what I wanted to achieve most.  Based on my specific needs (more weight loss and some toning with a program that I could do on my own most days of the week; oh yeah, with very limited equipment), Abby designed a work out program just for me.  My results were phenomenal.  I dropped 25 pounds. She's conscientious about coaching her clients on how to use the equipment properly and safely -- another factor that was real important to me.   One more thing, Abby manages to make tough workouts fun.  I appreciated Abby pushing me beyond what I thought I could do -- to get better, stronger, and more fit." Monique, Atlanta, GA

"Abby was an excellent trainer.  Every session was different, challenging, and utilized current trends in fitness including the use of medicine balls, free weights, and the balance discs.  The sessions coupled with Abby's positive attitude and encouragement made training a delight and a favorite part of a healthy day!  I reduced my body fat, increased my muscle mass and strength, and pushed myself to the best condition I have been in."  Kathi, Sandy Springs, GA
"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our workouts with Abby.  She was able to balance our workout needs and keep each session challenging.  It was a great way for my husband and me to share an activity that was fun and great for both of us.  Abby is the best!"  Nettie and Don, Sandy Springs, GA
"Training with Abby is the most important aspect of my health care."  Becky, Atlanta, GA
"Abby is truly committed and inspiring.  I've not only lost 13 lbs. and two pant sizes, I now have confidence I can achieve my personal health goals.  Abby is the consummate professional - knowledgeable, committed, and focused.  I highly recommend Abby and her studio to anyone looking to shape up and get stronger in a supportive, optimistic environment."  Susan, Atlanta, GA
"Abby has a unique method, I call it "gentle persuasion." She understands her client's needs and limitations and expertly tailors the workout to suit the circumstances. She is encouraging, positive and unfailingly upbeat. She keeps current on healthcare issues that might affect her clients and she is always open to suggestions that would improve each workout session. She takes pleasure when her clients conquer hurdles---large or small and is always supportive."  Deborah, Sandy Springs, GA

"I feel so much better when I make regular training with Abby a part of my week.  She has a gift for making each session varied and challenging.  Most important to me, I know that I am doing each exercise correctly for maximum benefit without chance of injury."  Caroline, Atlanta, GA