Metabolic Conditioning Class Schedule

Metabolic Conditioning classes will be small group fitness classes up to 7 people. 
Metabolic conditioning, also known as MetCon, is a method of training that involves a very high work rate, using exercises designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximize calories burned after your workout, or your "afterburn"
In other words, these are vigorous, high intensity circuit-type workouts that often involve challenging total body, compound exercises and very short recovery intervals. 
These classes will include protocols utilizing dumbbells, elastic tubing, battle ropes, medicine balls, BOSU
® , balance discs, Val Slides® , and body weight exercises with short Cardio intervals in-between sets. Similar exercises from these classes will be included in the new "F4" Fitness Fusion classes with the addition of spin bike interval drills.

Reservations are encouraged for all classes. Please log into your participant account to the right.

Small Group Class Schedule 

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

F4 Fitness Fusion 

 9:30 am


Metabolic Conditioning Circuit 
 (No Spin Bikes)
every other Wednesday @ 2 pm beginning September 14th.


F4 Fitness Fusion

9:30  am


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