About Abby

Abby Schonier-Marcuse is a seasoned professional you can trust with your fitness needs--no matter where you are on your journey. With two decades of experience, she is ready to put her passion for continuing education and private and group sessions to work for you!


What can you expect when you work out with Abby? Her clients say she offers friendly workouts that aren't intimidating--classes that are motivating, contract-free and fun.  You can trust Abby with your safety, and she will modify your workout based on your own particular needs. She is dedicated to showing you how to perform your daily activities more effectively and efficiently, with enhanced strength and endurance.


Tiny House Fitness is Abby's newest venture, after successfully operating Abby Schonier Fitness in Sandy Springs for 12 years. When she relocated to Clarkston in 2015, Abby searched for two years until she found the perfect match for her indie spirit in Avondale Estates, which welcomes local, homegrown businesses and helps them thrive. She believes in giving back to her own community, and looks forward to working hand-in-hand with other local businesses to cross-promote their unique products and services in the neighborhood.


Tiny House Fitness offer workouts with a personal touch. Abby's vision is to offer an alternative to the big gyms and crowded, competitive boutique studios that appeal primarily to millennials. She believes in helping you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive, non-competitive space. Classes are small (um, tiny!) and Abby cultivates an environment focused on individual attention. At Tiny House, you're a person...not a stat on a leader board.


In 2016, Abby took a slight detour when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but today she is stronger and healthier than ever.  Throughout her 11  months of treatment, Abby served as a role model for her clients, showing by example that "you can either get busy living or get busy dying." Abby continued to run her business, coach and work, scaling back only slightly to a modified, reduced schedule. Now that she has fully healed, Abby is putting all of her energy into Tiny House Fitness--and she invites you to join her to achieve your fitness goals!



Schwinn Group Cycle Certification, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Small Group Training Workshop via the American Council on Exercise
®, 2017
SCW Yoga 2 Certification, 2017                                        
SCW Active Aging Specialist,  Movement-Based Exercise Workshop via the American Council on Exercise 
®, 2014
Metabolic Training Workshop via the American Council on Exercise
®, 2013
® Suspension Training Certification, August 2010
HKC® Kettle bell Certification, September 2009
National Strength and Conditioning Association®, CPT certified since 2000
American Council On Exercise®, CPT certified - maintained via continuing education since 1998
The Cooper Institute®, Specialty in Special Populations 2001
The Cooper Institute®, Specialty in Biomechanics 2000
International Sports Sciences Association®, CFT certified in 2001
Mad Dog Athletics®, Certified Spinning® Instructor 1997
CPR & AED, Basic First Aid Certification - maintained since 1998
YogaFit® trained instructor since 2006,  Level 3  
YMCA Foundations of Group Exercise Certification - maintained via continuing education since  1998
The University of Texas, Bachelor of Business Administration 1988