Small Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training 

Abby Schonier Fitness Inc. offers one-on-one and small-group fitness training in a private setting. Typical areas of emphasis include: increasing strength and stamina, improving balance and flexibility, implementing programs to enhance weight loss, and providing exercises to reinforce proper posture.  Employing a small group approach emphasizes personal attention to promote individualized goals and needs along with safety at all times.

TRX® Suspension Training® is a revolutionary total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to 
simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The TRX® device is attached to an anchor point.  Each participant then grabs the handles with their hands or attaches their feet in the foot cradles.  One simply changes the angle of their body from the ground for the different exercises.  Having the ability to change the body's angle allows one to work with more or less body weight which can intensify or modify a specific exercise.  Each Suspension Training class is limited to a maximum of 7 participants.  

Metabolic Conditioning Circuit classes are limited to a maximum of 7 participants so that form and safety are a priority at all times.  These classes appeal to those who like exercising in a small group environment.  Class participants perform various exercises in a circuit-style environment for time with cardio intervals in-between rounds. Various modalities are utilized in this class including dumbbells, BOSU drills, kettle bells, gliders, and body weight.  Cardio intervals might be medicine ball slams, rope chops, burpees, and jumping rope.

F4 Fitness Fusion classes combine the following modalities in a small group setting receiving personal attention along with group camaraderie:  TRX®,  Indoor Group Cycling drills,  free weights, BOSUs and balls. These multi-format classes are a great way to get improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength all in the same workout.
Certified Personal Trainer Abby Schonier-Marcuse offers individual or shared personal training up to 3 participants. Sessions are customized with each client's needs in mind. Abby uses a combination of dumbbells, Kettle bells, elastic tubing, balance "toys", ValSlides®,   and TRX® Suspension Training ® straps to create an efficient, effective workout matched to every individual's skill level and goals. In addition to personal training services,  Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga may also be integrated into the workout per the client's needs.